Investment Criteria

Company Size: $1 – 50 million of revenue

Cash Flow/ EBITDA: Minimum $500k of annual EBITDA

Equity Investment: Typically $500k – 2 million, with ability to invest up to $5 million

Industry Sectors: IV Capital is primarily focused on industries where we have prior
experience including:

  • Business services
  • Offshore / Maritime
  • Hospitality
  • Energy
  • Real estate
  • Niche manufacturing/industrial
  • Commercial Transportation and Aviation

Transaction Structure: IV Capital’s transaction structures are flexible and customized for individual

Transaction Types:

  • Purchase of existing Bank Notes
  • Collateralized lending
  • Factoring of Accounts Receivables
  • Equity Investments in closely-held businesses
  • Working capital for companies with demonstrated potential

Geography: Louisiana and the Gulf Coast Region