About IV Capital

IV Capital is a private investment firm started by Sidney D. Torres IV that invests in small and mid-sized businesses in the Gulf Coast Region. IV Capital seeks to partner with proven and committed companies. Our team is an outstanding group of business professionals and entrepreneurs who possess significant operating and management expertise across a wide range of industries.

Although smaller companies are often the most in need of capital to address a wide range of business and ownership needs, there is an undersupply of institutional, long-term capital available to finance smaller businesses. We focus on small businesses in Louisiana and along the Gulf Coast precisely because we see great opportunity in working with the owners and managers of these businesses to provide the capital they need.

We focus primarily on family owned companies, closely-held businesses, and companies that possess sustainable niche franchises with strong fundamentals, but are in need of a partner to provide capital and/or strategic or managerial support. We can assist these businesses by providing the needed capital for growth, and expansion.